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Victor will help you or your team overcome inner game challenges as regards delivering required results and growth


Explore Victor's HPL™ model as foundation and framework for you and your team leadership approach. Take advantage of tested tools in gaining desired results.


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HI I’m Victor C. Onochie!

I support, empower and help determined individuals who are courageous enough to choose a meaningful life to get unstuck and succeed at actualizing their highest noble aspirations effectively with clarity, focus, discipline and balance.

These individuals who are on a journey, aspire to reach their highest aspirations with the aim to add unique value to their various platforms of service including their families and marriages. These Leaders and business professionals are on a personal mission journey, a higher purpose. They want to discover and apply their strengths, explore the vastness of their potential, find their true voice and create a strategic plan to best express who they are. I help these leaders learn by doing and move from managerial success to societal and global significance with time tested universal principles.

More About Me

Why People
Choose Me

Gain Clarity

I help them get unstuck by finding their deepest motive and aligning it to their goals.

Manage change

I help them manage uncomfortable situations and challenges as well as transition from a point of discomfort to a place of fulfillment and power.

Overcome Fears

I help them face their fears which is a requirement to evolve to the level they desire

Time-tested Approach

I use time tested universal principles to help them breakthrough and achieve their desires

Respect & Professionalism

I respect their uniqueness and confidentiality, and I show up for them as well as push and inspire them.

A New Beginning

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A Life Spent

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